Think about the leader who brought out the best in you –

What did they do differently than the other leaders in your career?
How did they communicate with you?
How did they make you feel?

So… what are your followers saying about you? Are you going to make it to their top leader list? If you want to be on that list, but secretly worry that you aren’t going to make it, then we can help you get there.We know that becoming an Inspired Leader is possible for everyone. Whether you are a Manager, Director, VP, ED or CEO– the fact is, your are in a leadership position in your organization and how you lead is affecting people all around you.

Preparing and planning for leadership success is often overlooked in organizations. You were promoted because of your outstanding performance as a technical expert and suddenly thrust into a leadership role without a lot or thought, training or preparation.

Here is a frightening statistic from Case Western Reserve University’s Richard Boyatzis PhD: About 70 – 80% of people in leadership positions are NOT adding any value to the organization“. 

Leadership is about relationships, and leadership success is not measured by your To Do list, it is measured by your ability to inspire your team to do great work and generate results. Great leaders inspire their teams through relationships, valuing the team members, acknowledgement and sharing the vision consistently.  This means that you must switch gears from successful “doer” to “leader” and this takes personal awareness, time, intention and practice. We are committed to helping you make that transition and becoming the Inspired Leader that we know you can be.

What is Inspired Leadership Coaching?

Inspired Leadership coaching is a process of supporting professionals to realize their full potential; as a person and a leader. As professionally trained coaches, we use specific question methodology to create a thinking space for you to set goals, create awareness, receive feedback, and develop behavioral strategies that inspire your followers to deliver amazing results.At Inspired Results Group we believe that you can develop the skills and behaviours that transform your leadership style and ultimately leverage your natural strengths to create powerful relationships between you and your team. We help you discover your unique and authentic leadership style so that you can become a high performing leader that is inspiring change, results and impact in your organization. We promise – it doesn’t hurt, and in fact it is such a positive experience that many of our clients are repeat customers.

“Great leaders move us. They ignite our passion and inspire the best in us. When we try to explain why they are so effective, we speak of strategy, vision or powerful ideas. But the reality is much more primal; great leadership works through emotions.”

​​​​​​– Daniel Goleman, Author Primal Leadership

Inspired Leadership Programs

Private Coaching

Our private coaching services deliver personalized results and one to one attention on you. Each private client receives the SDI Relationship Awareness Assessment Tool to ground their personal awareness of strengths, communication and conflict styles. From there, we work together to design your ideal outcome after coaching and the results you are after in your leadership role.

Our one to one coaching sessions then create the space to transform your leadership from where it is today, so an “inspired leader” for the future. We want to see you on your team’s “favorite leader” list and we know that you can do it.

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Our Inspired Leadership Workshops create a small group environment to learn about the Inspired Leadership System and develop your own leadership plan based on the principles of our system. This is a two day intensive workshop that provides you with a personalized assessment using the SDI Relationship Awareness Assessment Tool followed by a 7 step process to transform how you think about your leadership style with action packed strategies to apply in your role immediately to see results.

Let’s have a conversation and see if we should work together!


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