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Do you love your leadership title and status, but you sometimes worry about whether you are “doing it right” and being the best leader you can be? Are you a motivated professional who is preparing for the next stage in your career and leadership success is one of your goals? Are you a CEO, VP or Director who is a master in your field, but finds the expectations of being a leader to be a whole new ball game?

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“For every hour I spent with Diane, it repaid itself 40 times over in that it made my entire work week more productive. The best coaches succeed by helping others truly get what they want and Diane lives that mantra. By being in the moment, asking probing questions at just the right time and keeping me focused on my original goals, Diane ensured I was mentally prepared for whatever might come my way for the rest of the week and beyond.”

Justin Kohlman
Vice President, Student Services
British Columbia Institute of Technology


Is your team functioning at average, but you know there is potential for more? Do unproductive meetings, lack of vision and moving targets dominate your team’s experience? Would you like to create a team that is cohesive, inspired and creating incredible work together?

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“Thanks again on behalf of all of us, you have given us the tools and the greater self and team awareness to be a stronger department. It was a good self-check and important for members of the team to understand where each of us is coming from. This team-building workshop will help us be more productive and successful in the future. Thank you!”

David Alexander
Head of New Archives & Digital Media
Royal BC Museum


Have you experienced career success or time at home raising your family but feel stressed, worried and if you are honest with yourself - a bit lost at this stage in your life? Do the overwhelming expectations of work, home, family and friends have you feeling tired and possibly underwhelmed with the happiness factor in your life. Do you check all the boxes of “success” and have done what other people expected from you up until now, but you are asking yourself “What do I really want to do next?”

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“Working with Diane has given me the confidence to create my own version of an “inspired life”. She created a safe, non-judgmental environment and helped me to find the courage I had inside myself to pursue what I was passionate about. My work with Diane has readjusted my goals for the future and now I am crystal clear about what is important to me. If you want things to change, you need to call Diane!”

Theresa Mackay
Executive Director
British Columbia Museums Association and founder of Live Love Scotland