If you want to thrive, you need to have the courage to listen

Thrive courage hammock skyline

We are always so curious to know what the “secret” is when we see people who are thriving in a way that we desire. I admit, I’ve been curious too! And as a leadership coach, I have a unique view of human behaviour through my conversations with clients, and I have noticed a theme that I believe contributes to our ability to truly thrive.

Thriving is fueled by our growth and development. We can’t thrive if we stay stuck in the same place. Thriving happens when we are stretched outside our comfort zone and learn more about ourselves, try new things and expand our perspectives.

There are endless ideas about what makes us thrive, and one factor I believe gets overlooked is the element of courage. When we access courage, we are stepping into our own power. Courage propels us out of situations that no longer serve us and inherently gets us moving forward.

My comfort zone is absolutely about living in my head and “thinking” my way through decisions, opportunities and choices. Last year I recognized that I needed to once again access some courage and step outside my comfort zone – but not in the way you might think. It actually wasn’t about thinking at all. It was about listening to my heart instead of my head. I called this heart courage – giving myself permission to listen to my heart when making decisions at work and in life. Decisions like client work, networking events, new projects – instead of “thinking” my way through the decision, I checked in and ask myself “what does my heart say about this choice?”.

Believe me, it was uncomfortable at first, but also very freeing at the same time. I stayed home from networking events when I wasn’t feeling it, I said yes to clients and workshops that I felt really passionate about, and I said “not now” to starting a masters degree because my heart said “take the summer off and travel with your daughter”, which is a decision I will never regret.

So often we make choices about things because we think we should. I should go to that event, I should take on that client, I should take that course. We get into a mindset about what we think we should do instead of asking ourselves “what do I want to do?”. We will not thrive if we dial down the volume of that inner voice that speaks from our heart. That inner knowing is our most powerful driver and yet we don’t let it get into the front seat very often! Some how we believe that those outer voices are right and our inner voice is not.

Are you curious to know what happened when I listened and let my heart be in charge? Well a year later, I can tell you that I was less stressed, I attracted some amazing clients into my business, exciting opportunities showed up and I finally developed a passion project that launched last week called Thriving as a Fundraiser in Work and Life. When my heart was allowed to show up more, all of the things I had been thinking about started to come to fruition. It was fascinating and now I let my heart have a say, just as much as my head!

Here are some questions to help you check in with your heart at work and home:

  • If my heart were in charge here, what would it tell me to do?
  • If I could do what I wanted, instead of what I should, what would I do next?
  • What brings me joy?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • Who do I really want to be in service to?

Enjoy the listening and if you are a professional fundraiser and want to join my online group coaching program you can REGISTER HERE until May 1st!