Is your team getting the results you need?

Are they mired in communication misfires?

Is unnecessary conflict wasting time and energy?

Unfortunately, under-performing teams is common in the workplace today, but proactive leaders and managers take action to change the trajectory of their teams with genuine concern for the people and the business. Working on great teams can be a rare experience, but with some simple changes a team can move from average output to amazing performance and shift the energy from contentious to aligned and enthusiastic.The reality is that our teams are built on relationships and if those relationships aren’t working, then the entire productivity and output of the team is at risk.

“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”

        – Patrick Lecioni  author, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
The key to changing your team’s dynamic is to anchor them first in the Vision for the company or organization and ensure that they know the “why” of the company and how they fit in. Without this context, team members are floating in a sense of confusion and lack of motivation to achieve the goals set out for them. The second key step is to elevate the team members’ personal awareness about their own motivation for behaviour and communication.Most of us don’t know why we react or behave in certain situations but once we gain some personal awareness we are able to manage our communication and conflict style in a way that is healthy for the team and for us as people.


The key to reinvigorating your team is to invest in the relationships that underpin the group and develop a heightened understanding of self and others to shift the thinking from “I will never understand him/her” to “ I understand where you are coming from”. This is when your team starts to perform differently and feel more motivated to work collaboratively with their colleagues.

Inspired Teamwork Services


Our Inspired Team Workshop is a customized experience for your team. We will determine the purpose of the team and the vision of the organization. Each team member receives the SDI Relationship Awareness Assessment Tool to ground their personal awareness of strengths, communication and conflict styles and we debrief the results together to create understanding between team members about the unique strengths, perspectives and styles of the individuals within the team.
From there, we look more deeply at the individual strengths of team members and how those strengths contribute to the team. This is a powerful workshop experience where participants leave with a heightened understanding of themselves and a new appreciation for their team members.

Let’s have a conversation and create a customized workshop for your team!


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