Solopreneurship doesn’t have to be lonely!

Solopreneurship doesn’t have to be lonelyIt was probably the third month into my coaching business when I started to panic and think “what I have I done?”.  I was missing people, my practice wasn’t full yet and I didn’t feel part of a team anymore. It was an isolating feeling, and if the right employment opportunity had crossed my path, I might have jumped at it from a desire to be with people. I am glad I stayed the course and commitment to my business, but it took time and intention to create the business momentum and community I enjoy today.

Are you a coach who can relate? Did you get into this business to work with people and find yourself feeling alone? I have found that for many entrepreneurial coaches, this is a common experience and we need to reframe our definition of “team” and get creative on how we make it happen.

This is one of the inspirations behind and the program that Bruce McLeod and I have developed to support new and experienced coaches to build community and sustainable coaching practices. We crave collaboration and connection with other coaches and this is our way of creating that opportunity.

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