Do you often feel like you “should” be happy… but you’re not?

Is your day filled with “must do’s” instead of “want to do’s”?

Would you love to take a time out from your life, hit the pause button and design the ideal path for you future?

You are one of those successful people who has always done what others expected from you and now you are questioning whether or not this life, this career and this reality is what you want in the future. You have a nagging feeling that there is a different path out there for you but you have no idea what that looks like or how to get there.

This is a very common experience, but sadly most people don’t take the time out to think about their own life vision and where they want to be 10, 20 or 30 years in the future. And the reality is, without that picture clearly painted in our minds, we will end up on a path that circumstance and other people’s expectations take us on. This can leave us feeling a little bit empty and disconnected from our true selves.

What you need most is an opportunity to take a time-out and focus on YOU for a change. To stop and take time to think about the future, feel connected to your true self, and design the path that you want to take; professionally and personally. You need clarity, strategies and an action plan to move you forward on a path that will lead you to a life that is inspiring for you.

We believe that living an “inspired life” is simply about living and working in a way that supports your core beliefs, aligns with your values and taps into what you are truly passionate about.

It isn’t about living some BIG life and achieving crazy goals, it really is about making choices that align with your vision each and everyday so that you are living a life filled with positive feelings, purpose and connection to those that are important to you.

Our experience with clients has shown us that when you invest in yourself, and take the time to actually stop and think about where you are heading, what you are passionate about and how you actually want to feel everyday – massive shifts will start to happen.

Hear Theresa Mackay’s Success Story

Our clients have decided they will not settle for less than what they deserve, and together we help them create a plan of action to move them into situations, jobs, promotions or brand new careers that reflect who they truly are, leverage their natural strengths and allow them to step into their inspired life one small step at a time.

Inspired Life Services

Private Coaching

Our private coaching services deliver personalized results and one to one attention on you. Each private client receives the SDI Relationship Awareness Assessment Tool to ground their personal awareness of strengths, communication and conflict styles. From there, we work together to design your ideal vision for life or career goals, and create a plan to move you forward toward that ideal state. Private coaching is a highly effective support system to get results in a personalized and supportive environment.

Let’s have a conversation and see if we should work together!



Are you a woman in your 40’s?

We have developed a special space for you! Visit our special page Create Your Inspired Life After 40 and learn more about our online program, Radio Show and private coaching to help you make this the best decade yet!


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