The greatest gift my business has given me……FREEDOM!

FreedomI am very clear now that freedom is a core value and something I crave in my life and in my business. I don’t think I could have named it as freedom when I was working away in my fundraising career moving up the ladder. I loved being part of a team, working successfully with my CEO and board, and making things happen together for the organization I was in. I knew something was missing, but I could not have named it like I can today. Freedom is an essential gift that entrepreneurship has given me. The gift I didn’t know I needed!

Freedom looks like many things to me now;
Freedom to create a business that I love.
Freedom to create services, workshops, programs and coaching that I am passionate about. Freedom to choose the people I partner with.
Freedom to choose my ideal clients.
Freedom to work when I want.
Freedom to work from where I want.
Freedom to work from my strengths.
Freedom to generate income in creative ways.
Freedom to be my true self.

These are all things I value deeply, and didn’t know I was missing before I experienced them fully. I don’t think I can give up freedom in any of these domains now that I have experienced them. That said, it wasn’t a smooth, easy, straight line to get here, six years into my business. I have learned a lot, made mistakes, tried and released many different things. Creating this kind of freedom take perseverance, creativity, faith and commitment to name but a few of the traits that I have had to embrace in my journey to this level of freedom.

Now if you are a professional working for an organization I don’t want you to get distracted by the entrepreneurial outcome of my journey. The message here is to get clear on what you value, and pursue a career that allows you to work in alignment with that. This can look like many different things for you personally and I want to encourage you to have the clarity and the courage to create that alignment. Your career will flourish and so will you!

Now if you are a coach or even a consultant that is in the early days of your business or a few years in and looking for mentorship and a community of like-minded people, then I encourage you to consider joining Bruce McLeod CEC PCC and myself in our 8 week program; Create Your Coaching Practice that is launching September 22nd. This program reflects our learning and experiences as coach entrepreneurs, and we are incredibly excited to be offering this program again this fall.

If you have questions, book a time for a chat and let’s explore whether this program is the right fit for you. Space is limited. I welcome your call! Book here for a conversation about Create Your Coaching Practice and how you can create the freedom you desire in your life and business!