APRIL 17, 2018 – 3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Achieve Your Fundraising Goals! – FREE WEBINAR

I will admit that I spent most of my fundraising career feeling like I was just trying to survive. Meeting expectations and achieving financial targets created a lot of stress and overwhelm for me.

Now I know better.

I have been a certified executive coach for the past seven years and have had HUNDREDS of coaching conversations with fundraisers who make the transition from just surviving to absolutely THRIVING!  Inspired by them I have created a FREE WEBINAR to offer the top 3 strategies for achieving your fundraising goals with less stress and overwhelm.

This content comes from my heart and a deep desire to serve the fundraising profession to create a paradigm shift from surviving to thriving. Your organization and donors deserve the best of you, and these three strategies will help you serve to your highest level!

This session is great to share, so grab your co-workers and watch together. Definitely worth an hour of your time!

Please join me for this FREE one hour webinar on Tuesday.

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