Create Your Coaching Practice – 8 Steps to Success

Do you dream of running a successful coaching business, but aren’t sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place. This 8-week program has everything you need to start your coaching business off right. This program is for you if… You’re a coaching graduate new to the world of entrepreneurship. You have already launched a practice but aren’t getting the results you want. You have been coaching internally but are ready to take the leap to launch your business. …read more »

Philanthropic Leadership Program – February 3-4, 2017

Unlocking your leadership potential in just 2 days! This unique leadership program is designed for (and with) professionals working in the charitable and non-profit sector that are motivated to become leaders who truly inspire their teams, boards and donors to excel. Our sector is desperate for high quality managers and leaders who can help the entire organization work collectively to achieve the results their mission is calling on them to create. This unique 2-day program will help you develop specific …read more »

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Upcoming Events

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Diane is available to speak regarding the following topics:

Creating an Inspiring Life

Intentional living with a focus on feeling, meaning and connection.

Inspiring Leadership – The New Standard for Leaders

What does it look like, why does it matter and how do you become one?

The Secret to your Professional (and Personal) Success

The 5 Mistakes I know you are making now, and how to fix them!

Workshops Available for your Organization:

→ Creating your Inspiring Life Beyond 40

→ Create a High Performing Team

→ Planning and Team-Building in a Day

→ Leadership 2 Day Bootcamp; How to move from Good to Inspiring