Are you convinced you have the answers?

I was teaching coaching skills to leaders last week and they openly admitted that they have developed some pretty ingrained patterns of being the “fixers”, and providing quick solutions when someone comes to them asking for help. I get it, these are long-held patterns of behaviour for both the person seeking the help, and the person providing the fix. Coaching takes a different stance. In coaching, we hold the belief that the person is capable of coming up with their …read more »

Conversations are the gateway to inspired leadership!

I believe that conversations are the gateway to change and improve the quality of leadership in the world!  I had the opportunity to speak at the Disrupt HR YYJ hosted by Engaged HR in November. It is a Ted Talk style format with 9 speakers, 5 minutes each, with the intention of bringing disruptive thinking to the HR sector. I took the opportunity to introduce Conversational Intelligence® and a few key principles that can dramatically change the quality of your …read more »

The unexpected year of CONNECTION!

By now you know that I am a proponent of choosing a theme word for the year to set the intention to bring more of something into your life. I have had a different theme for the past 5 years, and this year I chose the theme of CONNECTION. As the year draws to a close, I was reflecting on how this theme showed up for me in ways I did not expect or intend – I love that I …read more »

Learn to talk WITH people, not AT people

Article written by Judith Glaser, September 2016 Hit a wall? So many ambitious and talented leaders plateau and even regress once they “reach the top” of the ladder, mountain or organizational structure they’ve been climbing. There’s a simple reason this can happen, and it sometimes come down to conversation. Top leaders still face new mountains to climb – engaging a broader audience of potential partners – both inside and outside the company to make change happen. While some top leaders …read more »

Who are you Honouring this week?

What do you think about when you hear the word honouring? This word has shown up for me this week which inspired me to take a deeper look at it. In a coach-training workshop today I asked the participants to practice their listening skills and for three full minutes they listened intently to their partner talk about a current work challenge. The intention of the exercise was to give the listeners the opportunity to practice listening. What surprised me was the …read more »

Conversations are the key to change.

I have become obsessed with conversations and their impact on us. Have you ever had a conversation that sits with you for hours and days afterward? Do you wish you could go back and have a “do-over”, or even just be able to sit outside yourself and see what happened? I have that experience ALL THE TIME, and it is informative, and yes, I will admit a bit obsessive. But this is what happens when conversations are at the heart …read more »

Who said Leadership was easy?

This week I am wrapping up my interim CEO contract after 11 months in the role. Despite a busy coaching practice, I said yes to this 2 day/week engagement because I wanted the opportunity to be in a leadership role where I could “practice what I preach” and have the opportunity to lead an organization with my coaching skills on board. Little did I know I would be leading this organization through what became a massive transformation strategically and culturally. …read more »

Why do Strategic Plans fail?

I have carried a bias for most of my career, that strategic planning is a waste of time and doesn’t actually achieve what is intended. Is this your experience? Are you familiar with the strategic plan in your organization? Do you organize your work based on the strategic goals of the company?   A few years ago I was faced with the predicament of being asked to facilitate a strategic planning session for a non-profit organization. I initially declined the …read more »

Does Loyalty Get In Your Way?

I have had three conversations about loyalty this week and so that is my clue to look deeper at this topic and share some learning with you. All three people (two clients and one good friend) were referring to loyalty in the context of their employer. This may be familiar to you too, and I know these conversations tapped into my own values and some reflecting on how important loyalty is to me. So what’s the issue or problem with …read more »

I Highly Recommend You Celebrate Success!

Do you take the time to stop and celebrate? This is something that I used to struggle with – the idea of taking time out to celebrate milestones, small wins, big wins or even just celebrating trying something new. It always felt like there was so much to do, never enough time and certainly no attitude for celebration – by me, or those around me. There was too much to get done and celebrating would just be a waste of …read more »

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