Leader as Coach

This blog was inspired by the incredible educational leaders at the Edmonton Public School District! I often find articles and references to the idea of “coaching” being a key competence of leadership, and this heartens me to see coaching embedded in the expectations of our leaders. That said, I also believe that there is confusion out there about what effective coaching looks like in practice. The process of truly powerful coaching requires specific skills and a completely different mindset which …read more »

Game-changing leadership competencies you probably ignore!

I think there are some under-rated competencies for leadership that deserve some air-time and highlighting to bring them to the fore. After completing my certification in Conversational Intelligence® I have become hyper-aware of the lack of these competencies in the dialogue and practice of leadership. They would probably be referred to as “soft skills” which makes me crazy, because I think some of these things are actually HARDER than what you might define as the typical skills of leadership ie. …read more »

What ACTUALLY Happens in Coaching?

Do you feel like there is some mystery around coaching? Are you curious to know what actually happens in coaching? After six years of coaching I am starting to notice a pattern and feel confident enough now to talk about the outcomes I see for people when they engage with a coach. It feels like it is time to talk about that thing people are wondering about: What actually happens in coaching? Working with a coach has many outcomes for …read more »

What kind of leader do you want to be?

I believe we all deserve to work for inspiring leaders. Inspiring leaders lift us up, nurture our strengths, share the vision and are committed to helping us grow into our potential. This is a tall order, and sadly, these kind of leaders are few and far between. Inspiring leaders are individuals who are committed to developing their leadership effectiveness and are incredibly intentional with their efforts to grow as leaders. I believe that one of the key ingredients to inspiring …read more »

What does success really mean to you?

I distinctly remember the moment when my definition of “success” was shattered. To be honest, that was probably the true moment when my path to coaching began. Here is the moment play by play. I am about 38 years old, sitting in the audience at a women’s leadership event listening to a Senior VP from a telecom company talk about her success as a female leader in the telecommunications industry. Now keep in mind, I am a product of the …read more »

What if leadership is about saying NO?

Do you feel compelled to say YES to requests that come your way? Do you hold the belief that good leadership means being able to accomplish everything that comes your way? Is your ability to accommodate everyone else’s demands something you take pride in? I have been thinking a lot about some of the beliefs I hold about leadership and how the leader carries the weight of responsibility. I think I was (note past tense!) guilty of being a leader …read more »

Are you convinced you have the answers?

I was teaching coaching skills to leaders last week and they openly admitted that they have developed some pretty ingrained patterns of being the “fixers”, and providing quick solutions when someone comes to them asking for help. I get it, these are long-held patterns of behaviour for both the person seeking the help, and the person providing the fix. Coaching takes a different stance. In coaching, we hold the belief that the person is capable of coming up with their …read more »

Conversations are the gateway to inspired leadership!

I believe that conversations are the gateway to change and improve the quality of leadership in the world!  I had the opportunity to speak at the Disrupt HR YYJ hosted by Engaged HR in November. It is a Ted Talk style format with 9 speakers, 5 minutes each, with the intention of bringing disruptive thinking to the HR sector. I took the opportunity to introduce Conversational Intelligence® and a few key principles that can dramatically change the quality of your …read more »

The unexpected year of CONNECTION!

By now you know that I am a proponent of choosing a theme word for the year to set the intention to bring more of something into your life. I have had a different theme for the past 5 years, and this year I chose the theme of CONNECTION. As the year draws to a close, I was reflecting on how this theme showed up for me in ways I did not expect or intend – I love that I …read more »

Learn to talk WITH people, not AT people

Article written by Judith Glaser, September 2016 Hit a wall? So many ambitious and talented leaders plateau and even regress once they “reach the top” of the ladder, mountain or organizational structure they’ve been climbing. There’s a simple reason this can happen, and it sometimes come down to conversation. Top leaders still face new mountains to climb – engaging a broader audience of potential partners – both inside and outside the company to make change happen. While some top leaders …read more »

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