Don’t wait until you’re ready to take the leap to leadership!

Have you been preparing for a leadership role for several years? Are you waiting to feel comfortable to take the leap? Are you making excuses for staying where you are because you don’t “know enough” yet? I have noticed a theme in my coaching conversations lately. The phrase “I want to feel comfortable with this decision” or “I want to feel ready before I go after that leadership role” has come up often with my clients, and I am genuinely …read more »

Are you asking yourself the right question?

I am deep into content creation for a two-day leadership workshop and I am struck by the volume of leadership literature out there that focuses on the knowing and doing level of leadership development. Of course, we need to acquire knowledge and skills to perform well as leaders, but what I have come to believe is that we need to ask ourselves a completely different question; Who do I need to BE as a leader? The question of who do …read more »

Are you an accidental or intentional fundraising leader?

I have this conversation often. People get promoted into management positions because they are good at meeting their goals, getting their work done and meeting the technical requirements of their position. They are responsible for their portfolio and they rock it. And then they get promoted into a new level – the management or director level. Suddenly, success looks different, but nobody is having this conversation to mentor you about what needs to change or shift in your day to …read more »

Solopreneurship doesn’t have to be lonely!

It was probably the third month into my coaching business when I started to panic and think “what I have I done?”.  I was missing people, my practice wasn’t full yet and I didn’t feel part of a team anymore. It was an isolating feeling, and if the right employment opportunity had crossed my path, I might have jumped at it from a desire to be with people. I am glad I stayed the course and commitment to my business, …read more »

My Year of Listening Differently

Every year for the past 6 years I have selected a theme word for the year. Usually something that I want more of in my life, or something to keep me grounded. It has proven to be a powerful and often surprising ritual for me. For 2017 I chose the theme of Listening. As a coach, this is a skill that I practice daily and I like to think I am pretty good at it when it comes to listening …read more »

You don’t need to know everything to be an Inspiring Leader!

Do you hold the belief that you need to “know it all” before you are qualified to lead a team? Are you putting your leadership aspirations on hold until you get enough experience and technical knowledge? Are you waiting to feel absolutely ready before you apply for that leadership role? I am curious about this need to be fully equipped with knowledge before stepping into a leadership role. I admit, I probably shared the same beliefs while navigating my career, …read more »

Did anyone have “the talk” with you about Leadership?

When you were promoted into your management role did your new boss sit you down and tell you that “success” looked different now that you are leading a team? Not only do you have to deliver on your own projects, but you now have the needs of others to consider and it is your job to provide the environment for them to thrive as well. Me? I cannot recall a single conversation in my career that supported me with this shift. …read more »

The greatest gift my business has given me……FREEDOM!

I am very clear now that freedom is a core value and something I crave in my life and in my business. I don’t think I could have named it as freedom when I was working away in my fundraising career moving up the ladder. I loved being part of a team, working successfully with my CEO and board, and making things happen together for the organization I was in. I knew something was missing, but I could not have …read more »

My lessons in teamwork started in the pool

I have been spending a lot of time with teams, thinking about teams and craving teams these past few months. One of the only downsides of working for myself is the absence of an obvious “work team”. This is why I look for partners to collaborate with and communities to feel part of. I am hardwired for teamwork and I realize that was informed and embedded in my formative years as a teenager when I was actively involved in synchronized …read more »

There is no growth in the comfort zone!

I realized this week that most of what I have planned for the next 6 weeks is putting me way outside my comfort zone and I have been resisting it all week. I couldn’t figure out why I was so motivated to clean my office and organize files that I have been avoiding for the past 6 months. I have been feeling unproductive and lacking focus. I am looking for anything to do that will help me feel “busy”, but …read more »

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