Are you asking yourself the right question?

Business woman presents her project inside meeting room

I am deep into content creation for a two-day leadership workshop and I am struck by the volume of leadership literature out there that focuses on the knowing and doing level of leadership development. Of course, we need to acquire knowledge and skills to perform well as leaders, but what I have come to believe is that we need to ask ourselves a completely different question;

Who do I need to BE as a leader?

The question of who do I need to BE opens the opportunity for self-reflection and personal awareness to expand and grow. The first step in developing your leadership effectiveness is the having the courage to look inward, rather than outward as your starting place.

The following 10 questions have served to open powerful dialogue with the courageous leaders I work with on a regular basis. I offer them up as reflective questions to support you in your leadership journey and creating a leadership development plan that starts with who you are BEING.

1. What are my natural strengths as a leader that I want to harness?
2. What strengths do I need to borrow when they don’t come naturally to me?
3. How do my values inform my leadership style?
4. What beliefs am I holding that are getting in my way?
5. What assumptions am I making?
6. Where is judgement getting in my way?
7. Where is fear holding me back?
8. What role does vulnerability play here?
9. If I was guaranteed success, what would I try?
10. What is the legacy I am trying to create?

I invite you to keep this list of questions close and embrace the inner journey that will unfold before you. If you are looking for a space to explore your leadership impact then let’s connect and see what is possible for you! CLICK HERE to book time for a discovery conversation about leadership coaching!