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“I believe that we are all capable of creating the life and career we desire, if we are willing to learn about ourselves, commit to our vision, step into our fears, and do the work to make it happen. This isn’t easy work on our own, but working with a coach will help you get there!”

I am a goal-focused, action-oriented professional who has 20 years of experience and success raising money and leading teams in the Sport, Education and Cultural sectors. I have always been obsessed with learning from the leaders I worked for and was curious to understand the dynamics of the teams I have been a member of. I continue to be very involved in the non-profit sector and while I could list my accomplishments in that realm, I don’t think that is the important stuff. Here is what you need to know about me. When I entered my 40’s, I was working with a leadership coach and I had the gift of being asked to define the future vision for my life.

That was not an easy exercise, especially when I realized that the path I was on was not leading me to the vision I had for my life 20 years in the future. I needed to reassess my choices; my criteria for decision-making and my outdated definitions of success. I had to stop being what everyone else wanted me to be, and decide who I was and what was important to me. Several years later, I can confidently say that I am walking the path that allows me to fulfill my vision each and everyday. I am connected to the people that I love, and I am following my passion for helping others reach their potential through coaching.

Today, I define myself as a professional coach, speaker, and workshop facilitator who is dedicated to helping people create their Inspired Life, become an Inspired Leader, and create Inspired Teams.

I am deeply committed to my clients’ success and personal growth, and I know from experience that working with a coach is life changing, game changing and performance changing. I am credentialed as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coach Federation, and was trained at Royal Roads University as a Certified Executive Coach. I am an avid reader, continuous learner and I am constantly practicing everything I share with my clients. I am committed to “walking the talk” and creating my own version of an “inspired life”.

When I am not coaching you will find me hanging out with my family, having people over for dinner parties, taking trips to Manitoba lake-country and practicing yoga and running to maintain my health and keep up with my active family.

Tracey Gibson, CEC

“Turning 40 was definitely a time for me to reflect, evaluate, and choose the path that I wanted to go down. It was a time for big decisions, but mostly it was a time for me to be the person I wanted to be.”

Living an inspired life is something that I choose to create, and I am passionate about sharing that with you. You have the choice to live an inspired life. After managing very successful fundraising events for 15 years, I realized that I needed a change and wanted to support others to reach their potential.

While participating in a Leadership program and working with my own coach, it was very clear that coaching was my passion. I wanted to be a part of helping people to see their inner strength and help them to “let their colours burst.”

I truly believe that each person has a magnificence to share with the world and I am passionate about helping them see it in themselves. I have worked with a number of groups, organizations and clients that have needed the support of someone asking questions and giving them the space to have a conversation, with no judgement and no agenda.

Helping people create an action plan to move forward is how I measure success! Living in Victoria was definitely a choice for me. The pull of family and friends was very strong, and my English husband knew that having access to the outdoors would be an integral part of our family.

When I am not working you will almost always find me spending time with my family, exploring the outdoors walking to the park, or riding our bikes. I am an avid runner and use it as a time to connect with friends, take a break from the stresses of life, and stay healthy and strong. This is my version of an inspired life!

An Interview with Diane

What kind of clients do you work best with?

I love working with people who know they want things to change, and are open to looking for ways to up their game, stretch themselves outside their comfort zone and commit to something new and exciting. This could be in the context of their life and career, their leadership role or within their current team. The common theme is that my ideal clients identify as people who are striving for something more and are willing to invest in themselves or their organization to move forward toward getting results. People who make excuses, blame others or don’t want to move forward should not consider working with me. The idea of finding the right fit goes both ways, and sometime I won’t accept a client if I don’t think that I can help them.

Inspired is an intimidating word for me – why do you use it?

I have always loved the word inspired and its definition is to “create a feeling in others”. For me, this doesn’t mean doing big crazy things, achieving massive goals or living some big bold lifestyle. To me, it means understanding how you want to feel, how you want to relate to others and how you want to lead by designing an intentional plan to create inspiration each and everyday with the small things and the baby steps. We are all capable of finding inspiration in our lives or becoming an inspiration leader for others. I want that for you too!

How are you different than other coaches?

I would describe my coaching style as supportive yet challenging because I love to work with individuals and teams to expand their definition of what is possible for them and challenge the way they are currently thinking about their situation. I acknowledge your strengths, encourage other perspectives, provide feedback and reframing to help you to see all that is possible. I use an assessment tool to help you understand your motivations for behaviour, communication and conflict and my strengths are a focus on emotional intelligence, mindset, and accountability. What you need to know is that I ultimately want the best for you and will give you everything I have in my coaching toolkit to help you create the results and success you are striving for!

What can I expect from you as my coach?

You can expect the standards of an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (code of ethics here) as a starting point. I will keep our coaching sessions 100% confidential and will provide you with a safe and open space to explore all of your thoughts, dreams and fears in a way that respects your vulnerability and courage. I will come prepared for our sessions with 100% of my focus on you for the time we are together. I am deeply committed to my clients and their success through coaching.

What if I don’t live in Victoria, BC?

The good news is location doesn’t matter! Many of my clients are not located in Victoria and I use Skype or the telephone for many of my coaching clients. I personally find the phone to be just as effective as face to face coaching, and it makes our time together very efficient if you aren’t traveling to our coaching sessions. All you need is a distraction free environment and a commitment to come to coaching sessions completely focused on your end. Workshops and customized team programs can be delivered in person at the beginning of the project, and use telephone coaching as a follow up method. Put it this way – finding the right fit with your coach is more important than location.

I don’t think you know anything about my business so how can you help?

The truth is, I don’t need to know the specifics of your business or industry. My job is to be a great coach, and be an expert in the methodology of coaching, managing the coaching process and helping you get clear on your goals and following through with an action plan. You need to be the expert in your business, and I need to be the expert in getting you from “stuck” to “soaring” through coaching!

This looks great but I am not sure I can afford it right now…

Fortunately, we have an option for everyone in the way our packages and programs are structured. If you are interested in any of our coaching programs or workshops, we will have a price point that works for you – just book your free consultation call with us and we will find a package that meets your needs if the coaching fit with you is there.

What results can I expect from working with you?

Whether you are tapping into the Life, Leadership or Team programs, you can expect to get clarity around your goals, and a process to help you achieve them with a personalized coaching process designed to get the results you tell us you are looking for. We don’t decide the results for you – it must come from you or your organization. The good news is, we will help you define something that is achievable and will guarantee that you move forward from where you are now.

Should I take a workshop or work with you one on one?

That depends…. let’s get on the phone and talk about what you are striving for, and we can make a recommendation from there. Sometimes it is a great start to do a workshop first, and then work with us one on one. For others, they want a personalized experience and the accountability of a one on one working relationship and getting started right away. Totally up to you, but let’s talk about it.

My workplace needs to pay for this but I am not sure how to approach them about it.

Coaching is always a great investment for an organization to make in its people. Developing inspiring leaders requires an investment of time, energy and money to see growth and sustained changed over time. The goods news is that great leaders can be made – they aren’t just born! Here are links to some great articles that talk about the investment in leadership and executive coaching that you might find useful to educate your employer about the benefits of coaching: We are also happy to have a meeting or phone conversation to educate employers about the benefits of this investment.

Can I pay in instalments? Do you take credit cards?

You bet! We can make arrangements for installment plans, monthly payments and credit card, online debit or cheques. You let us know what works best for you, and we will make it happen.

Ok, I am ready to get started! What do I do now?

The next step is to book a “Get Acquainted Call” with me to assess the fit, talk about your goals and answer any remaining questions. I can’t wait to speak with you and get you moving forward with your life, leadership or team!

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